Septic Tank Pumping

In the United States, the average cost of pumping a septic tank is approximately $275. It may sound a bit expensive but it lesser than bearing the cost of installing a new pump. A septic tank should be pumped after every one to three years. Here are symptoms of septic tank that need to be pumped ASAP-
• standing water above you drain field
• toilets running slowly
• odor in the house

A septic tank unlike a municipal sewer system is house-by-house system. The waste water that comes from the showers, toilets, sink drains, and washing machines goes in to the septic tank. The capacity of a tank varies from house to house. The tank is buried in the ground outside your property.
The waste water that enters the pump is divided automatically into three pats. The solid waste sinks down to the bottom where the bacteria break it down into sludge. The middle layer is composed of mostly water. The oil and grease floats on the top, forming the scum. When the solid waste is broken into sludge by the bacteria, the water is moved by gravity down the sloped pipes into drain field, where it is distributed into the soil. The effluent is released below ground, but the subsurface level is above the water table. There is plenty of organic material left in the effluent that acts as manure. This is the reason that the produces that grow above the drain field is often the healthiest one.
You may think when this mechanism works out so well, what is the need for a septic tank pumping. You should know that even the best bacteria can’t fully break down all organic material. This build-up gradually accumulates and fills up the tank space. The water in the tank that accounts for most of the waste will then back up into leach field, your home’s pipes, or may cause a tank failure.

You may consider pumping your septic tank yourself, but it is not a feasible decision. Pumping the tank requires certain tools and techniques that are only known by a pro. Moreover the scum that would be taken out of the tank needs to be disposed into a container that has to be transported to an appropriate place.
Costs associated with septic tank repairs

• The filter of a septic tank often needs to be replaced or repaired. Buying and installing a good filter would cost around $200 to $300 on average.

• There are other parts in a septic tank as well. They are PVC pipes and fittings, submersible pumps, and concrete or plastic risers, and lids. The cost of these parts ranges from $50 to $500.

• If you have to replace the whole tank it would range from $1700 and $4000.

• Sometimes a failing septic tank is resurrected by soil fracturing. This involves inserting a hollow tube into the ground and injecting a 300-pound blast of air. This procedure can cost you from $1,000 to $2,000.
Septic tank maintenance

• Never park cars or keep building materials such as bags of sands or concrete on the septic tank.

• Never plant trees on your septic tank.

• Neve throw baby wipes, paper towels, or diapers, chemotherapy drugs or other such pills, etc. down your drains.

Disclaimer: Although rate quoted in the page are typical average rates that can be seen across USA, they can vary in certain areas depending upon city and the variables associated with each individual project.

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