Forum Title: How a professional plumber cleans a drain?
How a professional plumber cleans a drain?
Category: Replace Faucet Post By: Mark Charles (Tampa, FL), 03/01/2017

A pro will clean your drain through any of the two ways- he will use a drain snake or a hydro-jetting machine. The former is used when the clog has formed near the trap. The latter is used when the clog is situated deeper down the drain. In case of a drain snake, it is manually inserted and cranked repeatedly to break through the clog which gets partly flushed. Part of it is pulled out by the auger. The hydro jetting machine has a water tank, a pressurizing machine, and a specialized hose. The hose is inserted in your drain and water is run through it at a high pressure to clear the clog. The latter method makes your pipe lesser susceptible to future build-up.

- Steve Leigh (Cleveland, OH), 05/01/2017

How to call them?

- gyusdhbf (Acton, California) (Acton, California), 05/02/2019

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