The Cost Of Plumbing

In the US, the average cost of hiring a plumber ranges between $169 and $460. Most plumbers have an hourly rate. This rate is between $45 and $150. This will vary with type of job, geography, and timing. Plumbing is a broad phrase and there are a plethora of jobs come under it. A plumber can do anything from replacing a worn washer of a faucet to installing a sump pump. They work almost in every quarter of your house. However, just as in other profession, there are some unscrupulous plumbers that charge out-of-the-way rates to extort money from their clients. Therefore it is useful to now the national average rates for various plumbing jobs. Here we will take a look at the average rates of various plumbing jobs.
• Repairing a blocked drain - $201
• Fixing water heater- $500
• Installing or repairing gas pipes - $481
• Repairing a sump pump -$462
• Repairing a well pump-$774
• Installing a water main-$1462
• Cleaning sewer line - $288
• Installing a sewer main - $2753

• Repairing a water treatment and purification system -$391
• Installing a toilet - $375
• Installing a sump pump - $1064
• Repairing a septic tank -$1476
• Installing a bathtub or shower liner - $2603
• Installing a sink - $398
• Removing a water or fuel storage tank - $696
• Installing a solar water heater - $3304
• Installing a water heater - $907
• Installing a faucet - $242
• Installing a plumbing pipe - $1054
• Repairing a toilet $197
• Cleaning a septic tank -$375
• Installing a water treatment and purification system - $1637
• Installing a shower - $3129
• Installing a bathtub - $2906
• Repairing a drain-line breakage - $558
• Repairing a water main - $830
• Installing a tankless water heater- $15537
• Repairing a sewer main - $2339
• Replacing a well pump - $1563
• Installing a septic tank - $4856
• Replacing a fuel or water holding pump - $1640

These rates are national averages. They will vary a bit from region to region. When you hire a plumber, make you sure you are given a firm estimate for the work that requires to be done in details. If any problem arises thereafter, you should be kept posted about it. When a plumbing job is to be undertaken on holidays, weekends and after normal working hours, they will cost more.

Do not opt for companies that have very low hourly rates. This is a gimmick to get a foothold in your house. They will get it compensated by charging exorbitantly for equipment fees” and other extras. Always hire companies that enrol licensed plumbers. They may be a bit pricey but it is worth in terms of quality of work that they would render.
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