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Modern bathrooms are just not a poky area of the house where we take bath to free our body from sweat, soil, and grit that has accumulated over the day. They are spaces where we relax both physically and mentally. They play a key role in busting our stress and restoring the balance. Therefore a bathroom should not only be clean but also be beautiful and comfortable. When you chose you bathroom accessories and fixtures you should keep two factors in mind- its functionality and the aesthetic impact to the entire bathroom. Here we will discuss the factors that you should consider when buying bathroom fixtures-

Of course, you will set a budget for yourself before you begin shopping for your bathroom fixtures. Within the bracket of budget choose fixtures that have an aesthetic appeal, functionality as well as will last you a considerable time.

Shop according to need

Before you start browsing the home stores for bathroom fixtures, take a look at your bathroom and list up the accessories that you need to replace. Do not rip off fixtures that are in good stats and do not need to be replaced at once.
Do not be brand conscious

Do not be over-conscious about bands. Some buyers go by price and brands. Pricey items are not necessarily better than less expensive ones. Check all the options about a particular fixture. Pick up the ones that are within your budget. Consider their function as well. Choose one that suits you needs and the bathroom decor the best.

Availability of space

Do not buy items that will occupy a lot of bathroom space. Always keep your bathroom size in mind when choosing items. You should have enough leg and arm space in the bathroom to be comfortable inside. Overcrowded bathrooms look shabby.

Choose plain styles

If you like to change the theme of you r bathroom from time to time, always go for neutral colors and plain styles. This will spare you from changing the fixtures and accessories every time you plan to alter the theme. Buy a plain porcelain bathtub, toilet and sink in basic colors.
Buy the important ones first

In a re modelling project first choose and buy the important fixtures such as sink, tubs, sanitary pan, cabinets etc. Thereafter move towards the secondary ones such as soap dish, towel hanger, toothbrush holder, shower curtains, and others. Do not buy ones that you do not need. They will only clutter your precious space.
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