Single Sink Vanity

If you are thinking of giving your bath space a modified look opt for a new bathroom vanity. It could do wonders to your existing bath space. There are a wide variety of designs and styles in bathroom vanities from which you will be able to choose the one that perfectly meets your requirement. Do you have a small bathroom and you are thinking that it may not be possible to give that refreshed look to your bathroom? Then you are wrong because there are a lot of options which will help you save space and give your bathroom a marvelous look.
For example, you can choose a single sink vanity for a bathroom with smaller dimensions. In fact, a single sink vanity with a modest sized basin and a cupboard for storage requirement is the most practical solution for a smaller bath space. It is recommended that when opting for a single sink vanity it is a better idea to choose a wall-mount one so that the floor space is kept open and you are able to clean it with ease. At the same time, with such a vanity you will also be able to create an illusion of more space. Similarly, in single sink vanities it is better to choose door fronts with recessed handles so that you can enhance the aesthetic appeal of the vanity as well as the bathroom. As far as the tap associated with the vanity is concerned it is better to opt for a wall-mount tap rather than a deck-mount one because that would prevent a visual clutter in the bath space.
As far as the choice between the single sink and double sink vanities are concerned, the debate is endless. Some are of the opinion that double sink vanities are way better than the single sink ones. However, it strictly depends on individual need. One important factor that you ought to keep in mind while choosing a single or double sink vanity is the number of members in the family. For example, if the number of members in the home is not many, it is a better option to opt for a single sink vanity than the double sink vanities because investing on a double sink vanity seems redundant.

Some of the benefits of single sink vanities include the following:

When you are installing a sink vanity there is ample space left for other amenities. For example, with the extra space that is left you can opt for a separate shower or a tub, and so on.
The cost of a single sink vanity is lesser than that of a double sink vanity and at the same time cleaning of a single sink vanity is far easier than a double sink vanity.

A single sink vanity will have more storage space because there will be a single drain pipe.

Last but not the least, a single vanity means more counter space which in turn means more room to keep your toiletries.

It can be concluded saying that the ultimate choice depends on a homeowner depending on individual requirement.
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