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There is no denying the fact that there is nothing more irritating than drops of water falling on you in the middle of the night due to a leaky roof. In fact, irrespective of the time period for which a roof has been used, one must be aware of the most common causes of a leaky roof. So before we delve into the repair techniques of a leaky roof, let us find out the causes of a leaky roof.
They are the following:

• A cracked flashing
• Broken shingles
• Valleys are not sealed properly
• The vent booting has cracked
• There is ice dam build up
• The skylights are not installed perfectly
• The gutters are clogged
• A cracked chimney
• Condensation in the attic
• Too much usage of the roof
Nevertheless, there is no reason to worry even if your roof develops leak because there are numerous ways to repair the leak in your roof. Some of repairs can be done at home by homeowners themselves while for some of the repairs the best option is to get in touch with an expert.
It needs to be noted here that the kind of roof repair applicable depends on the type of roof and the cause of leakage.

For example, if you have small holes in a flat roof it can be patched with the help of specially designed primer and a patching system. This is a kind of repair that does not require an expert rather it can be accomplished with a few materials like primer, patching system, brush, scissors, and flat roof roller.

Similarly, when you are repairing asphalt shingles roofing, the most common repair is to replace the roofing-asphalt or asphalt fiberglass roofing. However, you need to work safely if you are taking up this project all by yourself.
Metal roofs on the other hand are a lot more durable. However, if the damage is considerably big the only option is to replace the entire section. But it needs to be noted here that it is not at all a good idea to replace the section all alone, rather it is better to get in touch with metal roofing specialists to get the repair work done. Nevertheless, if the damage is not very big and small repairs here and there will be enough, you can go forward with the repair work.

Besides these there are other roofing repairs as well that can be taken up without a professional help. Another important factor that ought to be considered is during emergency situations the best option is to cover the roof with polyethylene sheeting.
Last but not the least; it is true that repairing a leaky roof may not be that tough but a few preventive steps will keep you altogether away from the hassles of a leaky roof. For example, the moment you feel there is a leak in your roof try to find out the cause and steps can be taken accordingly so that the problem do not aggravate.
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