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Plumbing issues have an important role to play in our lives. A little problem here and there can cause hay where in your lives. Hence, with plumbing you must always stay on your toes. But sometimes, even after being a lot careful tragedy strikes us badly. One such instance is a running toilet. When you have a running toilet you not only have an additional headache but at the same time you are wasting a huge quantity of water. However, there is not much reason to worry because most often a running toilet can be easily solved without the use of many tools or assistance from a plumber.
It ought to be mentioned here that in order to take running toilets in control you must know certain important aspects of plumbing along with some essential features of toilet functionality. The most important factor that you ought to keep in mind is that toilets run on gravity. When the lever is pushed it pushes up the rubber flapper in turn which causes the water to run out of the tank and flow to the bowl. As the water in the tank is completely consumed the rubber flapper is closed and the tank is filled up once again. The filling process continues till a float prevents the further intake of water into the tank.
Some of the common causes of a running toilet are the following:

Improper length of the chain is one of the major causes of a running toilet. When the chain is too short it constantly pulls the flapper even when the flush lever is at rest. At the same time if the chain is too long it generally intervenes with the closing of the flapper. However, in either case, there is a way to accurately size the chain that runs from the flusher to the flapper or to the cap.

An improperly working flush valve flapper is also one of the potential causes of a running toilet.

The level of water in the tank must also be checked so that you need not experience a running toilet.

Besides when accessories like the float, the bent lift arm or a fill valve goes bad; you will have to replace these so that you do not have to experience the hassles of a running toilet.
When you see a running toilet the first thing that you should do is examine your toilet properly. Try to find out the way your toilet is functioning. You should be able to understand because toilet technology is not a rocket science. Once you have found out the culprit that causes a running toilet try to cure it. As part of checking the toilet you should inspect the following like the overflow tube and the water line, the ballcock, and the flapper. However, if you are not able to find out the cause, the best solution would be to turn off the water supply of your home so that you can stay away from a messy situation and get in touch with a plumber.
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