Some Dos & Don’ts Of Plumbing

Plumbing is one of the most ignored aspects in a house. It is a very few home-owner who take a regular care of their fixtures, inspect their pipes, drainage systems , tanks, water heaters to ensure that these are working as expected. Life without these is impossible even for a day. A little maintenance of a house’s plumbing system can go a long way in ensuring its longevity and generating fewer repair bills. Here is a list that has been consolidated to give some of the dos and don’ts of plumbing.
• Never pour geese or cooking oil into your sink. These can block the drainage system.

• Never run cold water in full pressure when using your disposer. It coagulates the food particles, creating a clog. Running cold water gently helps to clean the drain and troublesome build-ups.

• Never pour hot water in the toilet, the bowl can crack.

• Coffee grains should never be poured in sink drain. These tend to clump together forming a bottleneck in the pipes. Always keep a trash can handy under your kitchen-sink or in the toilet to throw the disposables such as onionskin, celery and corn husks, coffee grounds, meat bones and so on and so forth. Never throw disposable diapers in the toilet. Do not allow children to play in the bathrooms. They may throw small toys in the toilet.
• Open the drain of your water heater twice a year to clean it.

• Never use the toilet tank lid as a shelf. Things may fall from it into the bowl. Similarly it is better not to have shelf just above the, toilet, kitchen sink or other basins in the house. Moreover, if heavy objects fall on the china bowl it can crack.

• Sometimes the pressure of water at the kitchen faucet is very slow. You can take out the aerator and clean it by keeping it soaked in vinegar & water solution and scrubbing it thereafter.

• Plunge your bathroom sink or bath tub by using a use a cloth. Plug up the overflow and hold tight. After plunging also clean your bathtub, kitchen and bathroom sink. Put on the stopper and fil up the bowl till it overflows. Spray from disinfectant Clean the bowl with a spring type brush and open the stopper to let the water flow out.

• Sometimes the bath tub drains very slowly. In such situations you can remove the bolts, pull wire, and lift the lever out. Now clean the hair from wire and restore everything.

• Check your toilets for leaks. If the toilet is leaking at the base, then the symptoms will be explicit. There will be pool of water on the floor. Call a plumber to tighten the toilet tee bolts or replace the wax ring to fix the problem.
• The toilet tank often leaks. To detect the leak, remove the tank lid and add food coloring to the water in the tank. If you see color in the bowl after sometime, the flapper valve may be leaking. Call a plumber immediately to fix it. You are losing gallons of water everyday on account of this.

• The toilet tans also needs to be cleaned. You can do it by turning off the water and flushing toilet once to empty the tank. Add some cleaning detergent inside the tank and clean it with a cloth or brush.
• If you have tree roots are blocking your sanitary sewer, buy some copper sulfate. Put a small amount on your basement floor drain strainer. Run the water it dissolves. You can also buy products designed to kill roots and control root growth. Get your sewer line cleaned.

• Pour boiling water down tub and shower drains. It is very useful to prevent build-ups from soap, grease, and hair.

• Always shut off your water supply to your home, if you are going out on vacation.

It will be impossible to list up all the plumbing dos and don’ts. One webpage will not be enough for them. But the measures listed above will be useful in rendering good health to your plumbing system.
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