Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet

Are you someone who loves experimenting with new dishes or you are someone who simply hates cooking? No matter what, even if you are spending hardly any time in the kitchen, it is obvious that you will need to use your kitchen faucet daily. Hence, it is important to choose a kitchen with the right kind of style and functionality so that it perfectly matches your requirement. However, in order to select the right kind of faucet for your kitchen, you will need a fair idea on the different options of kitchen faucet that is available for use. For example, when it comes to kitchen faucet there are factors like faucet mounting options, handle options, sprayer and sprout, along with some special features that ought to be considered.
As far as faucet mounting is considered, there are three types. They are deck plate, non-deck-plate, and wall-mounted. The wall-mounted kitchen faucet is carefully hung on the wall that is just above the sink. With the help of wall-mounted kitchen faucets you can make counter-top cleaning easier. In fact, these kinds of faucets are great for larger pots, and vessels that can be easily placed on the sink. Wall-mounted kitchen faucets mostly have double handles which means there are separate handles for the hot and the cold water.
There is no denying the fact the basic function of kitchen faucets is to dispense temperature controlled water which means both hot and cold water so that you can wash dishes, vessels, food, and hands. But along with these features faucet play a major role in defining the style of a kitchen. Hence, it is important that you are aware of the pros and cons of the different faucet styles available so that you can take the right direction. It needs to be noted here that the mounting style of the faucet plays an important role in determining the type of faucet for your kitchen.

When it comes to a wall-mounted kitchen faucet, keep this in mind that it should work well with the sink. In fact, it is the distance that the water spouts projects will determine whether the two will be compatible with each other. In case, you have a double sink in your kitchen installing a wall-mounted faucet can become quite difficult.
One of the major advantages of wall-mounted kitchen faucet is that you can clean the counter-top with absolute ease. However, the installation of such faucets needs to be done only by experienced plumbers. This is because the plumber should get the spacing and location perfect. In fact, if there is a wall stud on the way it will have to be removed so that the handles and faucet can be installed in the desired space. Moreover, with wall-mounted kitchen faucets you ought to be extra careful in colder climates and need to insulate it against freezing.
As far as the price is concerned, wall-mounted kitchen faucets can be priced as low as $84 and as high as $940. But the most important aspect is to choose the most suitable faucet type for your kitchen.

Disclaimer: Although the above rates are typical average rates that can be seen across USA, they can vary in certain areas depending upon city and the variables associated with each individual project.
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