Sump Pump Replacement

Sump pump is a favorite appliance for most of the homeowners because with the help of sump pumps the basements of a home can be kept dry. Thus, the last thing that you would want is a malfunctioning sump pump. In fact, like all other appliances of your home it is important that your sump pump is replaced at regular intervals. However, you might be thinking how you will understand whether it is time to replace your sump pump or not. One option that is you will have to look for the signs which tell you that it is time to replace your sump pump and the second option is to replace the sump pump even if there are no obvious signs after a particular point of time.
Let us now have a look at the signs that tells you it is time for your sump pump replacement:

In case you observe that your sump pump experiences constant cycles of turning on and turning off then you will have to know for sure that it is time to get a new sump pump. Similarly, if your sump pump refuses to turn on or off when it is supposed to it is better that you think of replacing your existing sump pump with a new one. There could be several issues like power issue or a float switch issue and so on.
If you start hearing strange noises from your sump pump it means that there is something wrong with it. For example, if there is too much noise from the motor of the sump pump noise it means that there is a failed bearing in the motor. Similarly, rattling or grinding noise from a sump pump means a jammed or dangled impeller.

The main function of the sump pump is to remove excessive water from your property but when you notice that even though the ground is wet the sump pump is struggling hard to remove the water from the property you should know for sure that it is time that you get a new sump pump for your home.

Age is another factor that affects the lifespan of a sump pump. Usually, it is seen that a sump pump has a lifespan of around ten years but there are other factors as well that might impact the lifespan of a sump pump like the frequency of its use, the distance to which the sump pump will have to carry the water, the electrical source that powers it and obviously the quality of the sump pump.
In fact, if you are having a sump pump in your home you need to keep in mind that if you keep your sump pump running without any reason, it will certainly affect the life span of the sump pump. Hence, you need to keep an eye that the sump pump does not operate without any reason.

In conclusion it can be said that the lifespan of a sump pump is around ten years but it is always a good idea to replace the sump pump after very five years.
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